Hemp Wick Glass Vial Dispenser with 6 ft. of Hemp Wick and Pack of 2 Glass Filters
Wake and Bake Starter Kit
Wake and Bake Starter Kit
Wake and Bake Starter Kit


Wake and Bake Starter Kit

Sale price$9.00

In an effort to elevate your wake n' bake experience and create a healthier morning routine, we created this convenient kit, sampling our wake and bake mug accessories for you to try. Receive 50% off this kit with a purchase of a wake and bake mug

Our glass filters are a washable alternative to screen filters and give you a cleaner hit without the metallic aftertaste.

Hemp wick is a healthier, better tasting natural alternative to butane lighters and matches.


Each Starter Kit includes:

⦁ 1x Hemp wick dispenser with 6 Feet of our natural hemp wick.

 2x Glass filters to use with our wake and bake mug

Instructions: Light the wick. Tilt up or down to control the flame. Extinguish safely after every use.
Caution: Do not leave unattended. Keep out of reach of children.

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