Wake and Bake Glass Filters - 6 Pack
Wake and Bake Glass Filters - 6 Pack
Wake and Bake Glass Filters - 6 Pack


Wake and Bake Glass Filters - 6 Pack

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We wanted to offer a longer lasting, healthier way to use our wake and bake mug, so we developed a glass filter specifically made to fit our bowls. Unlike metal filters that get hot, glass filters are heat resistant, giving you cooler inhales. 

Our filters are honeycomb-shaped to promote airflow and prevent your herbs from falling into the pipe. They are made from high quality borosilicate glass so they will not crack under extreme temperature changes like regular glass. 

Avoid inhaling metal or harmful chemicals from screen filters and enjoy a cleaner more flavorful hit without the aftertaste.  Most screen filters are made cheap and disposable, but our glass filters are durable and can be washed and reused for countless sessions.


⦁ 6 filter refills - made of borosilicate glass
⦁ 15mm diameter - fits our wake & bake mug
⦁ Healthier alternative to metal screens
⦁ Heat resistant for cooler inhales
⦁ Cleaner hits, no aftertaste
⦁ Washable & sustainable
⦁ Worldwide shipping available
⦁ Ships 1-2 business days

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