I’ve always been fascinated (and slightly terrified) by the likely existence of aliens.

When I was a kid, I would stay up late at night and watch all the UFO documentaries I could, hoping to one day see new footage that would unravel one of life’s biggest mysteries. Naturally, after a night of questioning my brief existence, I would have a hard time going to bed. So, I would watch infomercials to help lull me to sleep. Seemingly unaware how unimportant their pitch was in the vastness of the universe, I found comfort in adults droning on about how with just a few easy payments their products were going to solve all my nonexistent problems. These nightly doses of advertising ultimately inspired me to want to invent and design products of my own.

I would take apart toys and electronics in hopes of creating something the world had never seen before…My mom called it junk.

Fast forward till today and I am still creating. But instead of mass-producing products that “solve” everyday problems, my passion is designing unique items that bring back the excitement and thoughtfulness missing in products and gift giving nowadays. I knew if I wanted to pursue my dream without being held back by corporate shackles, I would need to start my own company. Oddities not Commodities and our brand OddNot is run by a small team of earthbound entities dedicated to unrivaled quality and customer service.  Our goal is to accent your individuality and provide a Top-Secret source for awesome stuff you won’t find anywhere else in the galaxy. We want to cater to those who aren’t afraid to be themselves and express that through the collections we offer because as we say, it’s better to be an oddity, than a commodity. #stayodd


Owner & Lead Designer